White Horses sea waves – fewer in cloud shadows?

White Horses sea waves (White Caps on top of the waves) are seen less in the shadows of clouds (sun shadow) than in the sunlight. What could cause this?

white horse (whitecaps) and sea waves - what dont you see?

The reason that you can see less breaking wave crests in a clouds shadow is because there is an exchange between the sea/earth and the sun, in an Electric Universe. According to NASA the Sun and the Earth connect to each other every 8 minutes. There are lots of other exchange mechanisms from the Northern Lights to the earths Space Plasma fountain.

white horses white caps on sea waves (ocean waves) breaking white foam whitehorses

The sea is part of the earths electric weather system and any layer of potential difference will result in an exchange. The layer here is between the salty sea and the atmosphere.

break forth the mad white horses - White Horses - poem by Rudyard Kipling (1897)

The white crest (cavitation?) can be observed in greater amounts in the sunshine compared to areas beside it not in the sunshine.

This has been observed in Malta and also at Covehithe in Suffolk, England

whitehorses whitewaves breakers energy exchange electric universe

More White Horses (White Caps) can be seen around the edges of the sunshine/shadow area. Where there is a potential difference. Steam Devils form on lake. More appear to be energised near the edge of the lake, where the water is in shadow from the trees and also in sunshine.

the groaning rollers carry the coming of the herd - White Horses - poem by Rudyard Kipling (1897) we race their babes ashore - White Horses - poem by Rudyard Kipling (1897)

These photographs were taken on a very, very windy day to test the theory. On days where you have a breeze and the right type of clouds you will get virtually no whitehorses in the suns shadows. On this day you still got white crests in shadowy areas but a lot less.

White Horses - poem by Rudyard Kipling (1897) roll up the fore blown manes a hundred leagues to leeward

Sun / Cloud shadows

who holds the rein upon you the latest gale let free white horses whitecaps - not seen in these clouds shadows

Does this happen with all types of clouds? It seems to be restricted to a couple of types of clouds. This may be due to clouds being formed or the result of an electrical discharge. If there is electrical activity then this may explain why you also get more white crests in the sunshine, as there is an electrical exchange occuring.

One type of cloud is the nodule cloud that are in lines and also when they are slightly stretched out. The forward part of the cloud rises at an angle but this is not due to meeting a different air layer as it occurs to in a large area. These clouds appear in a regular distance in a line, formed at the anti-nodes or nodes of the frequency wave creating them.

Another day another $

where run your colts at pasture there hide your mares to breed - white horses - white caps - waves not seen in sun shadow

The reduction in white horses in the suns shadow has been seen on a lot of days, on the island of Malta.

mid bergs about the Ice cap or wove sargasso weed - white horses - white caps - waves not seen in sun shadow

White Horses - Covehithe, England

white horses covehithe suffolk coast and heaths area of outstanding natural beauty

The same affect was also observed in Covehithe, Suffolk, England. Not as windy on this day and less white horses seen on the North Sea (a few photographs of white horses taken on the beach cliff tops at Covehithe, Suffolk). Again it seemed that there were less white caps in the clouds shadows compared to the sea waves in the Sunshine.

Made in the Sun Shade?

jupiter rings dust shadow thebe electrical discharge halo

What do White Horses have to do with the unusual dusty rings of Jupiter? Read this forum post that DIScusses natural electrical charging/discharge in sun shadows
both on earth and in space.

White Horses - poem by Rudyard Kipling (1897)

WHERE run your colts at pasture?

There hide your mares to breed?
’Mid bergs about the Ice-cap
Or wove Sargasso weed;
By chartless reef and channel,
Or crafty coastwise bars,
But most the ocean-meadows
All purple to the stars!

Who holds the rein upon you?
The latest gale let free.
What meat is in your mangers?
The glut of all the sea.
’Twixt tide and tide’s returning
Great store of newly dead,—
The bones of those that faced us,
And the hearts of those that fled.

Afar, off shore and single,
Some stallion, rearing swift,
Neighs hungry for new fodder,
And calls us to the drift:
Then down the cloven ridges—
A million hooves unshod—
Break forth the mad White Horses
To seek their meat from God!

Girth-deep in hissing water
Our furious vanguard strains—
Through mist of mighty tramplings
Roll up the fore-blown manes—
A hundred leagues to leeward,
Ere yet the deep is stirred,
The groaning rollers carry
The coming of the herd!

Whose hand may grip your nostrils—
Your forelock who may hold?
E’en they that use the broads with us—
The riders bred and bold,
That spy upon our matings,
That rope us where we run—
They know the strong White Horses
From father unto son.

We breathe about their cradles,
We race their babes ashore,
We snuff against their thresholds,
We nuzzle at their door;
By day with stamping squadrons,
By night in whinnying droves,
Creep up the wise White Horses,
To call them from their loves.

And come they for your calling?
No wit of man may save.
They hear the loosed White Horses
Above their fathers’ grave;
And, kin of those we crippled,
And, sons of those we slew,
Spur down the wild white riders
To school the herds anew.

What service have ye laid them,
Oh jealous steeds and strong?
Save we that throw their weaklings,
Is none dare work them wrong;
While thick around the homestead
Our snow-backed leaders graze—
A guard behind their plunder,
And a veil before their ways.

With march and countermarchings—
With weight of wheeling hosts—
Stray mob or bands embattled—
We ring the chosen coasts:
And, careless of our clamour
That bids the stranger fly,
At peace within our pickets
The wild white riders lie.

* * * * * * *

Trust ye the curdled hollows—
Trust ye the neighing wind—
Trust ye the moaning groundswell—
Our herds are close behind!
To bray your foeman’s armies—
To chill and snap his sword—
Trust ye the wild White Horses,
The Horses of the Lord!

A poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1897 about sea White Horses (White Caps)


These photographs of white horses where taken near the Madliena Tower (Pembroke), one of the de Redin watch towers built by the Knights of Malta.

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